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Rebbe, Role of; Rebbe-Chassid Relationship 3. Miracles 3. Tomchei Temimim 2.

Stories - Stories of faith, empathy, and more than a touch of the miraculous - Life & Times

Cantonists 2. Brit Milah 1. Agunah 1. Mohel 1. Likkutei Dibburim Volume 4. Likkutei Dibburim Volume 5. Likkutei Dibburim Volume 6. Sefer Hatoldos Admur Maharash. Spies, cold-hearted agents, and daring escapes fill the pages of this engrossing memoir about the chasid Rabbi DovBer Levertov, known as Berel Kabilaker, and his family's life under Communist rule.

To Know and To Care. Schneerson, give a kaleidoscopic picture of his leadership and provides many insights into his personality. Branches of the Chassidic Menorah - Volume 1. The shabbos service finishes and the congregation is invited to a kiddush in the shul hall. During the kiddush, Mordechai goes over to Rabbi Bloom, shakes his hand and says, "Rabbi, you gave a good sermon today - you should have it published. Moshe's mother, Chana, once gave him two sweaters for Chanukah. The next time Moshe visited his mother, he made sure he was wearing one of them.

As he entered her house, instead of the expected smile, Chana said, "What's the matter, Moshe? You didn't like the other one? One day, Moishe is crossing the street and gets knocked down by a car. Although only slightly hurt, an ambulance is called. When it arrives, the attendant puts a blanket over Moishe and a pillow under his head and asks, "Sir, are you comfortable? A young Jewish man excitedly tells his mother he's fallen in love and going to get married. He says, "Just for fun, Mom, I'm going to bring over three women and you try and guess which one I'm going to marry.

The next day, he brings three beautiful women into the house and sits them down on the couch and they chat for a while. He then says,"Okay, Mom. Guess which one I'm going to marry. You're right. How did you know? A Rabbi once traveled to a distant town to speak on the subject of teshuva to the locals. He wanted to get across the point that we all will be called to task in heaven for our actions on this world.

Chabad Lubavitch

He warned, "Everyone in this community is eventually going to die. Therefore you must do teshuva before it is too late. As his point was taken, he noticed that everyone in the room became somber except one man who was grinning. The Rabbi wondered why this man wasn't getting into the proper mood. He decided he should make the point stronger.

follow site At that time you will be called to judgment in the heavenly court. All your sins will be revealed and discussed. It can be a horrific experience. Repent now. But, to the Rabbi's chagrin, he saw that the man who had been grinning was now chuckling. The Rabbi realized that he was now going to have to pull out all the stops.

Soon will come the frightening Day of Judgment. You will be brought before the heavenly tribunal whose judges you cannot bribe or deceive.

Glossary of Jewish Terminology

All your innermost secrets will be presented and scrutinized by the court. Your feeble excuses will not work there like they do here.

3 Stories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - By Rabbi YY Jacobson

The judgment will be exacting. Your only chance is to repent now before it is too late. Everyone appeared as though they were about to faint, excepting the one man who by now was laughing out loud. The Rabbi couldn't control himself and he asked the man why he was reacting this way. The man replied, "Because I am not a member of this community.

An elegantly dressed man starts up the steps of a large temple on Yom Kippur.

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At the front door, a security guard stops him:. The man is desperate. Brian Goldstein. It's a matter of the greatest importance, an emergency. His wife just had a baby. You must let me in to speak with him. But if I catch you praying Rabbi Korshak, a young modern rabbi in an ultra-liberal suburban temple, greatly loved to play golf.

He played as often as he could, usually with members of his congregation; but he took his pastoral duties so seriously that he could not find time to play more than four or five times a year. One sunny Yom Kippur, after morning services. Rabbi Korshak saw that his calendar was clear, and felt so powerful a craving to play golf, even if only for a few holes, that he begged God to forgive him for breaking the Sabbath, tossed his golf bag into the back of his car, and sped off to a golf course a good thirty miles away, where he was certain no one would recognize him.

With an apology to his Maker on his lips, and a song of six-pence in his heart, the Rabbi teed off Up in heaven, Moses, looking down to earth, observing the ways and follies of Man, suddenly bolted upright. My Lord! Do my eyes deceive me? There, Holy One - beyond those clouds - do you see? That's Rabbi Korshak! On Yom Kippur! How Will You punish him? I,' sighed the Lord, 'will teach him a lesson. And with that God cupped His hands over His mouth and just as Rabbi Korshak teed off for the second hole - the Al-mighty One, King of the Universe, let out His breath in a long, mighty, cosmic 'Whoosh!

Moses stared at God in bewilderment. My Mom is a good cook. After the circumsizing of his baby brother in shul, little Jonah sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car. His father asked him three times what was wrong. Finally, the boy replied, "That rabbi said he wanted us brought up in a Jewish home, and I want to stay with you guys! A boy was watching his father, a rabbi, write a sermon. The first Jewish President of the United States calls his mother in Queens and invites her to come down for Thanksgiving.

She says, "I'd like to, but it's so much trouble I mean, I have to get a cab to the airport, and I hate waiting on Queens Blvd He replies, "Mom! I'm the President! You won't need a cab - I'll send a limousine for you!

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His mother replies, "I know, but then I'll have to get my ticket at the airport, and try to get a seat on the plane, and I hate to sit in the middle I'm the President of the United States! I'll send Air Force One for you - it's my private jet! To which she replies, "Oh, well, but then when we land, I'll to carry my luggage through the airport, and try to get a cab He replies, "Mom!! I'll send a helicopter for you! You won't have to lift a finger.

She answers, "Yes, that's nice Exasperated, he answers, "Mom! You'll stay at the White House! She responds, "Well I guess I'll come. The next day, she's on the phone with her friend Betty:. Betty: "Hello, Sylvia Sylvia: "I'm visiting my son for Thanksgiving!

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