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Newman, a psychiatrist in the metropolis of Troncol, delves into the secret world of Dark Falcon and discovers that he is both a superhero worshiped by the population, and a malevolent sadist, preying on women. As more facts are unearthed, Janet sets out to put an end to Dark Falcon's reign, freeing the city of his control.

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Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. A Marvel superhero inspired by the martial-arts fad of the 's, Iron Fist was featured in numerous issues of the black-and-white magazine The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu as well as in his own color comic. In the third chapter of a six-part serial in the former publication issue 21, Feb.

Iron Man, a member of the Avengers who fights for the right in a suit of shining high-tech armor, has an obvious affinity with the traditional Arthurian knight. To commemorate his th issue Sept. Both hero and villain returned to their proper time at the conclusion of this memorable tale, to be reunited years later for a sequel in Iron Man Dec.

In this less-successful story, Doom and the armored Avenger were drawn to the year , where Merlin and a child Arthur had reappeared in Britain's time of greatest need. Both stories were reprinted in a single trade paperback volume, Iron Man vs. This story provided an "alternate history" in which Iron Man remained trapped in Arthur's time and became king following Arthur's death at the hands of Mordred. Years later, yet another alternate history of Dr. Doom's exploits in Camelot was published in What If v. In this story, following her attempts to re-enter the mortal world through Spider-Woman , Morgan's spirit temporarily possessed the sister of Jack Russell, the "Werewolf By Night", having been drawn by the Russell family's connection to the Darkhold.

Iron Man also joined the Knights of Pendragon in several of their adventures, and was summoned by the Lady of the Lake to aid the super-team Excalibur against Dr. According to the same source, as well as DarkMark's Superman index , Jimmy had an even more Arthurian adventure a few issues later when, while attending a costume ball as a knight, he was sent back to King Arthur's time by the fifth-dimensional imp Mr. Mxyzptlk, and encountered Merlin himself another imp , as well as Arthur, Guinevere, and several Knights of the Round Table issue 53, June, Source: Arthurian Annals.

Thirty years later, as a member of the Time Police -- an organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of history -- Jughead traveled to the Arthurian era in pursuit of a rogue Time Police agent, Morgan Le Fay, in Jughead's Time Police 2 Sept. In the course of the adventure, Jughead encountered the founder of the Time Police, Merlin, who had retired to the Middle Ages, and Merlin's apprentice Arthur. In the course of thwarting Le Fay, Jughead and his fellow agents helped Arthur ascend to the throne. Morgan returned for another appearance in issue 6 May, In , DC Comics began publishing a series in which major DC superheroes were reimagined by Stan Lee, one of the major architects of Marvel Comics' superheroic fantasy universe in the 's.

Both Merlin and Morgan Le Fay appeared in this comic; Merlin, who had survived to the 21st Century in the guise of an Indian fakir, perished during the course of the story, but Morgan survived to join forces with the series' ongoing villain, Dominic Darrk. The series was reprinted in three trade paerback volumes entitled Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe , with the Arthurian characters appearing in the second and third volumes. Justice League Europe Annual 2 presented a light-hearted tale of an alternate future in which the members of the European branch of the team were displaced through different time periods.

In the 9th issue of Justice League Unlimited , members of the team accompanied the Shining Knight on a journey through time to defend Camelot from Morgaine Le Fey, meeting Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, and Guinevere see illustration at right. The current series Justice League to be succeeded by Justice League beginning later in , which features imperfect replicas of Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , and others abruptly brought to life in the 30th Century, takes a different approach in its use of Arthurian legend; here, Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table dwell on a planet called Camelot-Nine, where they are fighting a war against the infernal forces of Etrigan.

The storyline is ongoing as of this writing, and the true nature of Camelot-Nine and its denizens has yet to be revealed. The Quality Comics superhero Kid Eternity was a boy who could summon the spirits of heroes of past eras and could travel through time. The Knights of the Galaxy are a space-faring band of crimebusters whose adventures, set in the future, were published by DC Comics in the 's.

Credit to Morgan expert Robert Glasel for alerting me to the discrepancy between the two versions. The hell-goddess "bad girl" character created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes in has appeared in a number of versions from a variety of publishers since her debut in Lady Death: Re-Imagined Chaos! Comics, presented a version who began as Faith, the daughter of a Grand Inquisitor in 13th century Burgundy. When her father sought to gain immortality and power by stealing the Holy Grail from a group of Knights Templar, Faith attempted to stop him by seizing the Grail first and drinking from it.

However, the Templars' leader had placed a curse on the Grail in an effort to thwart the Inquisitor's aims, and so Faith became Lady Death -- immortal and powerful, but soulless as well -- whose first act was to slay her father. Martin Mystere is an unusual detective, created by Alfredo Castelli in for Italy's Bonelli Comics line, who investigates mysteries involving ancient civilizations, UFOs, secret societies, and a variety of strange phenomena. In another adventure, "The Sword of King Arthur" scripted by Castelli, and reprinted in English in by Dark Horse Comics in Martin Mystery 3 and 4 , Martin found the sword Excalibur and traveled through Europe on a quest to uncover its secrets with his ruthless nemesis, Orloff, in pursuit.

Eventually, at Stonehenge, the detective learned the truth behind the Arthurian legends, which turned out to involve an ancient and lost technology as well as a long-ago visit to Earth by unfriendly aliens. Merlin himself appeared in the series' final issue, portrayed as a demonic figure complete with horns. The Sub-Mariner, one of Marvel Comics' oldest superheroes, is the son of an American naval officer and a princess of the undersea civilization of Atlantis. Namor battled Morgan Le Fay last seen in the Black Knight's miniseries and learned the secret history of Atlantis and Avalon; when the continent of Atlantis had sunk beneath the ocean, several islands survived , including Avalon.

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Both Morgan and Merlin were natives of Avalon who fled to Britain before it, too, finally sank. Namor also encountered the spirit of the first Black Knight in these issues.

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For the Arthurian adventures of another Atlantean superhero, see the entry for Aquaman. This short-lived super-team series from Eclipse Comics included a young sorceress code-named Avalon among its main characters. In issues 7 - 9 Sept. Morgana, the Lady of Avalon, summoned Elizabeth home, and the rest of the team journeyed there to retrieve her.

This short-lived Marvel Comics series Dec. Fury and his Howling Commandos , featured a unit within the contemporary superspy organization S. In a storyline that spanned all six issues of the series' run, Merlin escaped from a S. Comics illustrator-storyteller Dave Dorman introduced some of the concepts that would become part of the world of "The Wasted Lands" in the comics anthology A1 v.

In Dorman's eight-page story "The Edge", an adventurer traveled by motorcycle through a dystopian, railroad-dominated desert land to claim a fragment of the stone that once held Excalibur. In subsequent years Dorman slowly added to his mythos, introducing new characters and concepts through trading-card paintings and short stories illustrated by Dorman, scripted by Del Stone, Jr. The Edge was charged to recover all the fragments of Excalibur's stone and reconstruct it so that "the one true king' would be revealed when he once again drew the sword from the stone.

Both stories, along with Dorman and Stone's other, non-Arthurian material set in the same world, were reprinted in hardcover as Dave Dorman's Wasted Lands Magnetic Press, The Red Knight appears in a long-running series of graphic albums in Europe; as Robert Vermaat writes: " De Rode Ridder is a mega-opus by Willy Vandersteen, with the first album appearing in and still going strong, even when Vandersteen died a few years ago.

Johan, the Red Knight, is a knight from an unspecified period in time, dealing with adversaries and monsters all over the world and of all ages. Chinese, UFO's, you name it. The series' Arthurian content may be divided into four sequences. The second series was drawn by Karel Biddeloo, starting in with 'Het Testament' 'The Will' and ending with 'Excalibur' in Twenty years later , Johan returned to the Arthurian "period" with adventures set in Lyonesse, Avalon and Atlantis, where the heroes went after their defeat at Camlann.

These later albums also by Karel Biddeloo, are not even close to the standard of the earlier ones A fourth "part" Merlin, Arthur and Guinevere have returned from their stay in Avalon as well, so it appears, which makes the series altogether timeless. He was replaced by the team of Martin Lodewijk writer and Claus D.

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Scholtz artist. Marvel Comics' Rom series, based on a Parker Brothers toy, chronicled the adventures of an armored alien "Spaceknight" who had come to Earth to battle the equally-alien but malicious Dire Wraiths.

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In issue 37 Dec. Sailor Moon is a Japanese teenage super-heroine whose adventures have been released more-or-less simultaneously in both anime animated cartoon and manga comic book format. The Holy Grail appeared in the third season or series known as "Sailor Moon S" as a mystical talisman which granted Sailor Moon additional powers.

This storyline, which originally appeared in Japan in , was also published in English translation in a monthly series from Tokyopop Press, beginning with issue Additional source: The Sailor Moon Story web page.

Fabled Lands: February

In a story arc written by Mills and painted by Dermot Power, Slaine was brought through time by Morgaine and Merlin following the battle of Camlann to search for the lost Treasures of Britain and bring them to the undying Arthur in Avalon pictured here. Once the Treasures had been restored, Arthur could, in Morgaine's words, "become the once and future king and heal the land! Mills and Dermot's work is a highly original though violent interpretation of the legend, drawing heavily on Welsh sources, and offering a unique interpretation of Guinevere as a sinister but tormented figure.

The story was originally published in AD in and has been reprinted in trade paperback as Slaine: Treasures of Britain. A subsequent adventure of Slaine, set in southern France in the 's, found the time-traveling hero questing for the Grail Stone in the company of Simon de Montfort, leader of the Albigensien Crusade against the Cathars. This storyline, written by Mills and painted by Steve Tappin, draws liberally from modern ideas about a historical connection between the Cathars and the Grail legends, as well as from Wolfram von Eschenbach's German poem Parzival ; at the same time, it retains the influence of Celtic paganism or, more accurately, contemporary notions of such.

The story originally appeared in and has been reprinted in trade paperback as Slaine: The Grail War.

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  4. This obscure feature about a villainous sorceress ran in all twenty issues of Fox Features' Weird Comics in the early 's. Source: the Grand Comics Database. Where is the buzz about these projects? Is anyone really paying attention?