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In the future, small, fast-lived, highly-fertile, insect-eating animals, which can thrive in a wide-variety of habitats, will predominate. These 'winners' include rodents, such as dwarf gerbil -- and songbirds, such as the white-browed sparrow-weaver. Less adaptable, slow-lived species, requiring specialist environmental conditions, will likely fall victim of extinction. These 'losers' include the tawny eagle and black rhinoceros.


The researchers predict the average median body mass of mammals specifically will collectively reduce by 25 per cent over the next century. This decline represents a large, accelerated change when compared with the 14 per cent body size reduction observed in species from , years ago the last interglacial period until today. Rob Cooke is lead author on this work and a postgraduate researcher at the University of Southampton. He comments: "By far the biggest threat to birds and mammals is humankind -- with habitats being destroyed due to our impact on the planet, such as deforestation, hunting, intensive farming, urbanisation and the effects of global warming.

This downsizing may be happening due to the effects of ecological change but, ironically, with the loss of species which perform unique functions within our global ecosystem, it could also end up as a driver of change too. They used modern statistical tools to combine all this data to make their projections and evaluate the loss of biodiversity. Felix Eigenbrod, professor at the University of Southampton, says: "We have demonstrated that the projected loss of mammals and birds will not be ecologically random -- rather a selective process where certain creatures will be filtered out, depending on their traits and vulnerability to ecological change.

Amanda Bates, Research Chair at Memorial University in Canada, says: "Extinctions were previously viewed as tragic, deterministic inevitabilities, but they can also be seen as opportunities for targeted conservation actions. As long as a species that is projected to become extinct persists, there is time for conservation action and we hope research such as ours can help guide this.

The research team hope further studies can be carried out to look in more detail at the longer-term effect of species becoming extinct on habitats and ecosystems.

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Materials provided by University of Southampton. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. He has sought to deepen the relationship with new allies as a first step towards enhancing strategic options but realized that old relationships are important. In this, the new electorate will pose a challenge: newly-affluent sub-population groups are always hyper-nationalist and easy to inflame, and the BJP needs to be able to rein-in its fringes.

India would do well to avoid the incessant posturing and hesitation of its past and move forward to protects its interests wherever such allegiances may lie. But between the two, it is the relationship with China that will soon become the fulcrum of Indian foreign interest. For a thousand years predating the Islamic invasions of India, China and India fought quietly and fiercely for dominance of Asia with competing ideas of philosophy, civilization, law, administration and religion.

In the annals of history, the length of such rivalry probably exceeds that of any other two nations. Its endgame: friends should admire it; adversaries should respect it and enemies should fear it.

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To make up for decades of neglect during which India has lost the respect of its neighbours and made few new allies, Modi must document his foreign policy doctrine, and propose, without reservation or delay, that India seeks global partners who represent common values, common long-term interests, and a framework within which India can operate as an equal partner to protect common interests. Without economic strength, grand national ambition is mere posturing.

Modi threatened to demolish the administrative state in his run up to But the last five years have left scope for a much deeper resolve for Case in point: In , the number of government-owned public sector units was five. By , Indira Gandhi had made that Surprisingly, even the BJP increased the number from in to about in The modern economy is unimaginably complex. It cannot be comprehensively understood, let alone be effectively managed, and certainly never by the very state-institutions and bureaucracy that have been at the centre of its despair.

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At stake is not only the reform process but the moral arc of India and the long-suffering soul of the average Indian, corrupted through decades of bending to the whims of the administrative state. Modi and Jaitley understand, a few other Indian politicians, that economics is not about mere budgets or numbers; it is a moral philosophy, requiring of each citizen a framework around which they make individual choices. As such, reform must begin where the decline began: The government ownership of banks and enterprises.

Everything else is mere tinkering. This is understandable; language allows us to make sense of the known world, and to share such comprehension using a shared platform of understanding. But language is also a weapon. In the hands of the Indian politician, language is used to ambush those who think differently.

Through long years of internal perseverance and some demographic manna , BJP now finds itself in an enviable situation: An ability to shape the nation for the next century as it had long promised it would.

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If now it were to fail to act decisively, it would only have itself to blame. One of the finest article I have read lately. It reflects the reality of Psyche of India populace. Beat wishes. What an article! In fact, the writer has beautifully captured what should be Update Consent. Tech Science Reviews Search for:. Logout Login.

Search for:. What are the three core issues of , and of the new electorate? The author can be reached at annatjain gmail.

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