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Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making With Essential Oils & Their Friends by Jan Benham

My hands and feet are so dry right now that I need to coat my hands in some and let them sit for hours. I love making my own body care products. I bet this smells amazing. As far as the grapefruit zest being added, anyone allergic to grapefruit or other citrus could delete or substitute their favorite scent. Its pH is 3. This is why if you use honey on skin that is irritated by infection, it will clear up. I use coconut oil on my dry winter hands.

The citrus scent added sounds wonderful. That seems like it would be too sticky. A great alternative to zest is to dry the citrus peels on your counter single layer for a few days and then chop them up in a blender or food processor.

Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making with Essential Oils and Their Friends | Fruugo

This gives you a nice fine powder that works better than zest. This is also way better for flavoring foods. You get all that citrus flavor without any bitterness. I tried this, and personally I found it much too oily. Which, if that is the case, I could find better, much cheaper options to use for shaving my legs. And as a head to toe moisturizer, and even put a small amount in my curly hair to define and moisturize.

Dont know about putting zest in my body product. But what about steeping a sachet of zest in warm oil to scent it, without having bits of zest to deal with later?

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Remove sachet, let oil firm back up and whip in the honey. Thanks for the inspiration to take my beloved coconut oil to the next level. If you try it, let me know. I saw this was asked already, but how sticky does the honey get in this mixture? How many drops do think this would take? It would certainly thin it out. Hmmmm … did you use the recommended amount of honey to coconut oil ratio? Also, the coconut oil should be measured as a solid. Try using Agave Nectar instead of the honey if too sticky. Just a thought.

I will be trying this tonight and will update! Coconut oil is pretty thick at room temperature. I did as u suggest and it liquefied at room temp. The honey is at the bottom of the container and the coconut oil is on top the only way it will get solidmis if I put it in the fridge. Are you heating the coconut oil up? Are you using coconut oil that is a solidified when you begin? Is your room temperature hot? If you could share what ingredients and other details of what you may be doing, I may be able to help. I use the coconut oil straight from the jar solidified all measurments are followed to the letter, mixed as instruction says to and when done it looks just like the pic but a few hrs later it started to liquefied , stored it in the bathroom under the sink.

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If the room you are in is warmer than this, it will definitely melt. Hi Alicia, the room temperature may be hot. I have both hard and liquid coconut oils, and the hard coconut oil will liquify if the environment is warm. If you keep it in a room that is relatively cool, then it will solidify; if you keep it in a warm environment, it will liquify. Hi, are you speaking of fractionated coconut oil? If so, I do not believe it will work because the recipe needs to thicken up.

Try adding some beeswax; the beeswax will harden it and will probably suit your needs. I am an organic body care student and I am playing around with many recipes. I have fun playing around and trying things out. Good luck. Hi, I made this today and it came out a little stick; I added a few more teaspoons of coconut oil and it is perfect now! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I am looking forward to having a lot of fun making more. It seems some people say the honey makes the butter too sticky whereas others say the consistency is just right. It makes me wonder about the quality of honey being used.

The big thing lately in health magazines, articles, blogs, etc is how some big company manufacturers are selling honey that is not truly honey, rather it is high crustose corn syrup sold as honey. So my thought is perhaps the recipes turning out too sticky may not be made with a local or natural honey. Raw honey has been used for centuries on the body for various reasons. Maybe it is fraudulent product that is not truly honey that is the cuprit here? Just my thoughts…. Thanks for sharing! How long does this last for? I just use straight coconut oil to shave with and after a shower and on my hands throughout the day.

The body butter does sound great though. Just came across this on Pinterest. Gonna make this soon. I have been using white Sugar mixed with Coconut oil to scrub and it feels wonderful and leaves your skin exfoliated and hydrated. Just made a tiny amount of this to test before making for christmas presents-it is so lovely!! Will definitely be making this as gifts this year! My face feels awesome! I have a burn on my hand so I will be using this every day to see if it helps.

That seems like a pretty short list compared to the huge list of harmful chemicals in anything you buy at the store. Just sayin. Hi, this may sounds like a silly question.

Do essential oils expire? + A Guide On Storing Them

I remember putting a bottle of liquid coconut oil in an air-con room and in the morning it turned solid. If I can use it, is it mean that I have to store it in the fridge?

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  6. In Thailand the average temperature is above 30c. I have coconut oil at home, but it is solid as a rock. Should I melt it a little and then whip it?

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    Or should I just measure it out and mix it in a mixer until it gets creamy? Hi Amy! I made this today and I used essential oil instead and it came out sticky. How much essential oil do I need to use in place of the zest? Thanks for sharing..

    For me there are many benefits linked with using all natural skincare products, from improving the health of your skin to contributing to a safer environment. Was wondering if anyone had problems with this clogging their pipes? Since it is an oil I was just thinking over time of it going down the drain will it cause it to clog? I just used it as an eye make up remover and it changed my LIFE!!

    It worked better than my Neutrogena for getting rid of my makeup! Mind, Blown! This stuff is amazing I love it as lip balm even though it seems to take only a few minutes to seep into my lips. Did you know you can use just plain coconut oil to put on after you get out of the shower some people might not like the texture on their skin.

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    Thanks for the great idea I used orange zest can I use lemon juice or lime juice by any chance??? If I were to use this as a shaving cream — and applied it to my legs after it had solidified — will it just kind of melt on my legs? The way it does if you just scoop a hand full out of the jar?

    Any idea on how to keep it fluffy, or am I destined to fail?