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The editors of Nexus, the law and policy journal of the Chapman University School of Law, graciously offered an issue of their journal for the revised papers from the conference. Many of the articles in this volume first appeared in Nexus.

Statesmanship Beyond the Modern State: Perspectives on Political Science: Vol 48, No 1

We thank them for their generosity, especially editor-in-chief professor Hugh Hewitt, professor John Eastman, and managing editor Jeanette Lee. To this end, the conference sought to emphasize the themes of political philosophers such as Aristotle and Alexis de Tocqueville and the statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln and thus help foster a new generation of scholarship on California. We later obtained the participation of not only established scholars of California but also others whose expertise would profitably be directed to California issues.

But were it an independent state, it would be one of the world's strangest democracies. Understanding this strangeness, this exoticism, was our task.

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The essays strive to make these connections and thus lead us to self-knowledge. This major revisioning of the meaning of California is a landmark of the cultural geography of the State. Schwartz offers a strikingly readable history, a cultural revision of the myths that embody the place of the California dream.

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He realizes that California is more a state of mind than a State of the Union. By placing the genesis of California from the deep utopian dreams of Spanish explorers, Schwartz manages to begin the deeper work of reintegration of Californian Hispanic heritage, a heritage that will become incontrovertible in the opening decades of the next century. He is also sensitive to other marginal and silenced aspects of the California story.

His linking of Amerindian use of the datura and styles of shamanism to the visionary alternatives of the 60s counterculture, His strong feeling for labor history as it created a proletarian culture that has been so often down played in most cultural histories of the State. Schwartz in many ways integrates the political culture with the literary and cultural, especially poetic enterprise as embodied in the San Francisco Renaissance.

By showing how California culture has a greater cosmopolitan depth than the Eastern Establishment has usually allowed, being swept up in its own ethnocentric and Eurocentric biases. It is the future of the American dream. It provides a unique panorama of the political poetics of California. We are treated to a better account of the communist influences on culture than has usually been admitted.

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  • Schwartz has mastered an immense amount of material, much of it never before integrated into the cultural history of the State. This mastery of several languages and an transnational poetic idiom helps to make this study one of the most vibrant and controversial cultural histories to appear in years.

    It is a postmodernist epic history that does more to invent the future than it does by rediscovering a neglected past. Since the s it has been commonplace to call California more than just a state, but also a state of mind. Yet Washington state, Hawaii, and Arizona, no less than Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kansas, all held such a position at various times in American history without ever producing the massive complex of cultural innovation visible in California.

    California history is different from Kansas or Connecticut history.

    Nobody, even today, would call Cincinnati or Buffalo a story city. California produced three of the most important phenomena in modern history, in terms of the world impact of American culture: Hollywood, the Beat movement in literature, and Silicon Valley. Rather, it is an examination of the unique cultural context that made such developments possible. Given that American and world culture have, since the s, increasingly been determined by California Culture, Schwartz argues that it is time to present a history of California from its own vantage point.

    Masugi, Ken

    He shows that:. The California Communist experience was one of the fullest expressions of this feature. Simultaneously with the arrival of Henry Miller in Big Sur, a new intellectual tendency had emerged in Berkeley, in a little magazine called Circle. Circle also published William Everson still in the Oregon camp for conscientious objectors , along with the Nebraska modernist poet Weldon Kees, and other experimental writers such as Thomas Parkinson, Judson Crews, and Gil Orlovitz. The first issues of Circle were mimeographed, but George Leite soon Secured a letterpress contract with Jack Werner Stauffacher, a printer then in his early twenties.

    He was on his way to becoming a leading figure in West Coast fine printing, but with the coming of the war he, like the rest of his peers, found his assumptions about the world profoundly shaken.

    The California Republic

    He served in the Army Corps of Engineers, but contracted pleurisy and was discharged. He later recalled, "my age of innocence was somehow broken. Lamantia was a Surrealist, an authentic one, rather than an imitator who had been published in in VVV , an annual printed in New York under the sponsorship of the war exiled French Surrealist poet and theoretician Andre Breton.

    Statesmanship Beyond the Modern State: Perspectives on Thus, Ebert was able to institute elections for a provisional National. For over a century, it was adhered to and elaborated by our leading statesmen. How Does America's Ken Masugi is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute. Lincoln's statesmanship countenanced the less perfect in pursuit of the more perfect.

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    The Story of The Banded Men. The Center for the Study of Statesmanship : Front Page do influence domestic institutional formation and change in emerging states.. Naval War College. Jacques Chirac, charismatic French statesman who enjoyed a