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Consistency and repetition are key. My mainly objective is to make him bilingual. My son is very talkative and started to speak earlier than expected. As somebody explained before, rhyming is not that critical prerequisite to reading and writing. I also decided to read the rhymes 3 little kittens and not to play them with background music.

I have seen some improvement. I hope it helps! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Carolina. I do have to disagree with what you were told — rhyming and other oral language learning is indeed important for reading. I agree that kids need to experience rhyming in many different ways songs, books, games, etc. Lots and lots of modeling, too! Of course, feel free to link directly to Fun-A-Day or to one of the posts you find helpful. Hi Mary Catherine, Thank you for sharing this article with us. I was planning to use this article to make a mini-lesson plan for my assignment.

How can I cite this information in my reference as I could not find the year on this article?

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Thanks so much for letting me know. The date on this particular post is April Glad I could help. I have a new high school student in my structured literacy OG class. It is a small group of students. Language deficits were obvious immediately. I had the speech and language teacher give this student a phonemic awareness assessment and this student had major deficits in different areas, including rhyming.

Top Ten Toddler Tunes: Best Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers

Almost all PA activities and insstruction is targeted toward much younger students. Do you have any information that I can use with this student, especially for rhyming. Hi Donna! My inclination would be to fall back on a lot of what works with younger children — books with rhymes, songs, poems, and games. Additional rhyming resources […].

Rhyming books and songs for children 4. This page does just that as your child tries to guess which animal the magic hat lands on. I still think you should give it a try with your learners. This is such a dear set of books; there are many in the series, and not one has disappointed me. The rhymes are perfect. So well done! This book is an absolutely hilarious, completely absurd Thanksgiving version of the old song. Would you chase him or race him or stand up to face him? One Duck Stuck , by Phyllis Root. Who can help? The duck stays stuck in the muck.

At first glance, I thought it would bore my Three, but she loved the silly little rhymes. Every year the animals come together for the spectacular Jungle Dance. But poor Gerald the Giraffe… his legs are too skinny and his neck too long. Who Stole the Cookies?

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They like the collage illustrations and simple rhymes. Have you ever driven by a construction site in the evening when all the big machines are quiet and still? This book brings those big machines to life in a tender way. Quick to read, with fun illustrations. They are quick reads and appealing to toddlers up through early grade school. Have I convinced you yet? Check your library. Over in the Meadow , by Lilian Obligado. There are many books that present this fun song, but the illustrations in this one are our favorites.

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Not sure how the song goes? Google it on Youtube. This is a gentle, comforting book about a little bear who takes us through a fun day of playing.

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I thought it would be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sweet, but definitely for younger listeners. The pictures steal the show as a family of bears gets caught in a rainstorm. A favorite! Some of the longer Dr. Seuss books test my patience, but I never get tired of this one! The Sneetches are yellow creatures that are divided into two groups: those with stars on the bellies and those without. Those with stars believe they are far superior to the plain-bellied Sneetches. As the clock strikes a new number, another animal wanders by the clock.

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Someone nibbled the clock. The clock struck nine — a porcupine!

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Hickory, dickory, dock. This is a great rhyming book with charming pictures. It also works well for teaching opposites.

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Yes, another Trapani favorite! But we love to sing it! The Cat in the Hat , by Dr. Seuss wrote this book nearly sixty years ago, but its popularity has only increased over the years. Madeline , by Ludwig Bemelmans.

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This is a classic book about 12 little girls who live in a boarding school in Paris under the care of their teacher, Miss Clavel. Children are fascinated by the ending, in which Madeline needs to go to the hospital to have her appendi removed. Who Sank the Boat? We own and love this book about a group of silly animals who try to squeeze into a small boat. The illustrations are the best part — but the simple story and funny ending are also wonderful.

This is a favorite book from my childhood, so I was thrilled to discover it at the library to share with my preschooler! I love this book because it tells the story of animals invading a garden — with the gardener doing everything she can to keep thm out, only to be thwarted by another animal! This rings true for our house, as my husband now has three types of fence on our garden to keep out the rabbits, raccoons, and deer.