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To find and tread the path of righteousness, prayer is the master key. And powers selfless service, And powers selfless service, And powers selfless service to humankind. Through 15 years of experience, Laura has honed a growing repertoire as a producer and media artist.

The Master Key Of Effective Prayer Sermon by Phil Morgan, John -

Her media skills include film production, video editing and photography and as a producer she has led numerous creative projects, as well as managed and organized small and large scale events. Laura also helps deliver content to audiences through compelling and effective digital strategies including marketing approaches through design and web products. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada with her two children.

Prayer is the master key to unlock many doors. In 1 Chronicles 4: 10, Jabez use his key,and God granted him his request. There are many keys ,but not enough users to open the doors.

Why is this so? Listen,the door to the kingdom of Heaven has a surplus of valuable things behind every door and to access them you have to get the right keys from the right person to open the doors. How do I know?

The Master Key Of Effective Prayer

Then in John , Jesus tells us that He is the way, the truth, and the life and no one goes to the Father without going through Him. Some might think that God is on holiday at such times; not at all. The Bible gives us one reason why we do not receive answers to our prayers in James Another reason is that a life of sin robs us of the confidence we need to ask God in faith. Beloved, how is your relationship with the Almighty God? Remember, your prayer can work wonders today. Prayer Point :.

Father, grant me the grace to maintain a cordial relationship with You, so that my prayers to You may continue to produce wonders to the glory of Your Name. God Loves Bummyla.

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