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Arctic Animals for Kids - Arctic Animal Sounds for Children to Learn - Snow Animals & Polar Animals

Arctic animals words beginning sounds cut and paste. Teacher can write child's words. Click on a resource to read about it and see more pictures.

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Packs for Members are labeled. Includes an arctic habitat. Sort 12 Arctic animals and 12 animals that live in other habitats. Included animals are: polar bear cub, moose, snowshoe hare, narwhal, snowy owl, walrus, wolf, caribou, arctic fox, puffin and harp seal. The other half is used to make the head, legs and tail. The snowy owl is a torn paper project. We first put the brown branch on the paper.

Then we used a white crayon to draw our owl. We filled in the snowy owl with torn white construction paper.

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We added eyes, ears and a beak. The walrus turned into a math lesson and art project. We made the walrus using construction paper. Then we fed the walrus some fish. Math and art and science and research and writing OH MY! See how we learned all about walruses and did art and had fun?! We dipped our hands in ice water and talked about how it felt.

Then we learned that blubber is a layer of fat that keeps arctic animals warm. So we put our hands into a bag of Crisco blubber and then placed our hands in the ice water. We talked about how it was warmer with blubber! And of course we had an arctic animal snack! Polar bear ice cream!

Vanilla ice cream cup, vanilla wafer cookies and chocolate chips! The arctic animals also made their way into our math and literacy centers! For more arctic animal videos, check out this post from Gift Of Curiosity.

Kindergarten Polar Bear Unit Study

Included for each animal are thinking maps, writing pages, labeling, KWL and schema charts. Also included are math and literacy centers! Howdy, I am Mr. Please note: not all stock is available in all stores. PaperBack August 31, This is a 2 part series, on the Animals of the Arctic. These Unit Studies cover many topics such as Math, Science, and writing!

We play games, make recipes, trace pictures and words, and learn learn learn! But more importantly, it is FUN! Check out the other item in our Series- Penguins!! Check your local Dymocks store for stock. Enter your postcode: Please enter a valid postcode.

Let’s learn about arctic animals.

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