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Tell me if you came to party Tell me are you that somebody The city don't forgive, no The city don't forget nobody The city don't forgive, no The city don't forget nobody [Chorus] Only one minute to midnight 60 ticks 'til the clock strikes 12 Every time you get to do right Say what you wanna do, what you wanna do [Outro] The city don't forgive, no The city don't forget nobody The city don't forgive, no The city don't forget, no.

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Release Date July 29, Intro Neon City. Cold Blooded. In the Morning.

One had to be an adult living through that time to fully appreciate the fear kindled throughout the world by what is now called "the Cuban missile crisis" - 13 agonizing days in October when it seemed certain that the U. In the years since, the complexities of that confrontation have been reduced to a manageable American myth in which young but resolute President Kennedy faces down wily, impulsive Premier Khrushchev.

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In his accounting, both Kennedy and Khrushchev emerge as temperate and essentially moral leaders who succeeded in staving off warmongers within their own ranks, notably the pugnacious Gen. Dobbs draws on interviews with eyewitnesses, White House tape recordings, surveillance photos, contemporary news accounts and overlooked records to show the chaotic randomness of events and why so many things went wrong. American intelligence was greatly flawed, seriously underestimating the number of Russian troops and missiles in Cuba. Castro not without reason was certain the U.

Had it done so, Dobbs reveals, Russian forces armed with tactical nuclear weapons were set to destroy the naval base at Guantanamo Bay.