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If there is one piece of international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation that is delivering, it has to be maintained. We are encouraging small and medium enterprises in particular to increase business with and in Iran as part of something [that] for us is a security priority. In effect, this will order EU businesses not to comply with US sanctions. As long as the EU is convinced that Tehran is fulfilling its commitments, its right to a civilian nuclear program — including uranium enrichment — is guaranteed, and regime change is not on the international agenda.

The EU is not insisting that UN nuclear inspectors have immediate access to all sites, including non-nuclear military installations, as the US administration demands. This difference is highly consequential, considering the various covert operations in the nuclear domain conducted by Iran prior to the JCPOA era.

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So too are the divergences pertaining to ballistic issues. A fear of Iranian might likely plays a role as well. Geopolitically speaking, its approach to Iran is irrational. The two countries were facing similar challenges from the US, particularly after the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and President Trump. Those assets — in addition to operational weaponry — located in North Korea that are intended to be eliminated or dismantled might instead be conveyed, either assembled or unassembled, to Iran, where they will be warmly welcomed. Pyongyang might be planning to move weaponry, technological assets, and skilled personnel to Iran rather than declare their existence and eliminate, dismantle, or reassign them.

The absence of a common border between the two countries will make camouflaged transportation from North Korea to Iran complicated and risky, but the two countries should be expected to do their utmost to overcome that disadvantage. When President Trump was inaugurated, bringing the Obama era to a close, a rupture opened up in transatlantic relations. In keeping with this attitude, the EU is advocating for an independent capability to take its own decisions as a sovereign body. Therefore, the door is closed to this unofficial French initiative.

Iran was known to have missiles of similar ranges, like the Shihab-3 , which is based on a North Korean prototype, but the Iranian ballistic program extends far beyond that range. The operational launch by the IRGC of six ballistic missiles into eastern Syria on October 1, targeting ISIS-related facilities, employed Zolfaghar and Qiam variants, which have ranges of kilometers miles and kilometers miles , respectively. By acting in this way, Iran appears to have been signaling 1 that it will not hesitate to employ strategic weapons for tactical purposes; and 2 that it already possesses the necessary technological and operational capacity to threaten targets in Europe.

This is not the first time Iran has launched ballistic missiles after French warnings. The missiles reportedly were of the Zolfaghar type an upgraded Fateh with a longer range and optional cluster munition warhead , with a reported range of kilometers. Another incident took place on November 9, , when the Houthi rebels in Yemen launched a ballistic missile targeting Riyadh just a few hours after French President Macron left the Saudi capital for Dubai. The missile was successfully intercepted by Saudi air defense.

Macron blamed Tehran for the attack, stating that it was by definition an Iranian missile. The Iranians probably used other means as well to sway the EU into abandoning its ambition to impose sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program. France subjected Iranian diplomat Assadollah Asadi and another man, Saeid Hashemi Moghadam, to six-month asset freezes. Existing treaties and agreements must not be called into question.

That applies in particular to the agreement on Iran's nuclear program. The agreement is a way out of the impasse of a nuclear confrontation which would jeopardize regional security and have an impact far beyond the region. But only if all obligations are rigorously adhered to and the agreed transparency is created, can the urgently needed confidence grow This is not only about Iran.

This is about the credibility of the international community. For which state would refrain from developing its own nuclear program if it turns out that negotiated agreements do not endure and confidence in agreements with the international community are not worth the paper they are written on? Ireland also regards the nuclear deal with Iran as a key achievement for nonproliferation and an example of what can be achieved through painstaking diplomacy and negotiation. We also call on Iran to implement strictly all provisions of UNSC resolution and refrain from any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

With reference to the Iranian nuclear file, we believe that the international community should assure that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA remains a success story in the framework of global efforts to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Kazakhstan attaches great importance to this historic agreement, which is reckoned at the momentous achievement of multilateral diplomacy in recent decades Implementing the JCPOA has had a significant impact on normalizing the situation in the region and beyond. The Programme of Action will also have a positive effect on the revitalization of economic activities in the region.

JCPOA was achieved as a result of intense prolonged negotiations. It is necessary to acknowledge that this agreement has put Iran on a nuclear-free path, with the IAEA confirming that Iran is fulfilling all its obligations. We must do everything we can to calm the region [of the Middle East]. This also goes for maintaining and rigorously implementing the nuclear agreement with Iran, which helps reduce the risk of proliferation To achieve a real de-escalation [with North Korea], we must not close the door to diplomacy and dialogue.

The agreement with Iran can serve as an inspiration in this regard.

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It demonstrates that an adequate policy, combining pressure and dialogue, can lead to results. It underlines the value of multilateral nuclear diplomacy. The Netherlands welcomes the ongoing implementation of the agreement and calls upon all parties to continue to adhere to their commitments under the JCPOA. It is essential that all parties live up to their commitments and obligations, and refrain from any action that undermines the integrity of the JCPOA.

Let me mention In our opinion it should remain in force despite the fact it is not perfect. It allows for robust verification measures as well as for decreasing the number of centrifuges and possibility to ship out of the country excessive stocks of low-enriched uranium LEU. In Portugal welcomed the accomplishment of JCPOA, which resolved with political will and in good faith, a highly complex issue.

No violations of any of the commitments contained in the Agreement have ever been reported, meaning that the deal has been serving its purposes.

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Therefore Portugal reaffirms its support to this historic Agreement and continues to strongly encourage its strict implementation by all parties, and the need to create conditions for monitoring Iran 's nuclear program after It proved that highly complex issues can be resolved in good faith, through diplomacy, provided there is political will from all parties to do so. Instead of questioning the results of the JCPOA implementation all the effort should be exerted to realize fully its entire potential.

This is our common interest. Today, the world is watching with alarm as the U. This agreement, endorsed through Resolution , shows the ability of the international community to resolve a serious controversy through diplomatic means. We call on all parties to maintain it and implement it in full and in good faith. We trust that rigorous compliance with the agreement with Iran will contribute to nuclear non-proliferation and peace in the region.

Its full implementation is essential, as is the avoidance of any action undermining mutual trust.

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While we note with satisfaction the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the continued full and faithful adherence by all Parties is of primordial importance not only for regional stability but also for the credibility of the non-proliferation architecture. We urge all parties to abide by the agreement and carefully measure their actions to preserve this historic achievement. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran represents a major step forward in preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability.

The UK is committed to the full and long-term implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action by all parties. Their efforts at dialogue with Iran led to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which has been implemented successfully since January Canada hopes that this will continue for the duration of the Agreement, and calls on Iran to allow the IAEA all of the access it requires to be able to provide assurances of the non-diversion of nuclear material and the absence of undeclared activities. Iran's ratification of its Additional Protocol, along with assiduous verification and detailed reporting by the Director General, will help establish confidence that Iran's nuclear activities are exclusively peaceful in nature.

The Vienna agreement on Iran's nuclear programme is an essential element of the current non-proliferation regime, which France is determined to preserve.

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There is indeed no alternative to this agreement. This has to be clear. All the Iranian nuclear commitments must be implemented in a rigorous and transparent manner, on a sustained basis.

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  • The parties to the negotiations have a special responsibility in this regard. The role of the IAEA is also essential. France commends and reiterates its support for the work done by the Agency for its precise monitoring of all JCPOA sections , supported by a resolution of the U. Security Council. It has proven that diplomacy can solve political and security challenges of highest complexity.

    I commend the IAEA for its professional work in conducting comprehensive verification and monitoring of Iran's nuclear related commitments. This is the basis for ensuring that Iran's nuclear program can only serve peaceful purposes now and in the future, which is essential for building mutual trust and confidence. Iran needs to strictly abide by all its commitments under the Nuclear Agreement, and all parties should fulfill theirs in good faith.

    Germany is committed to the full and sustained implementation of the JCPoA. Euro of extra-budgetary funding, so far.

    And we are prepared to continue making substantial contributions in the future.