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Map of Mars from the Hubble Space Telescope as seen near the opposition north on top. Main article: Martian canal. Main articles: Mars in culture and Mars in fiction.

Mars portal Solar System portal. The view is centered on the Aeolis quadrangle , with Gale crater , the landing site of the Curiosity rover , prominently visible just left of center. The darker, more heavily cratered terrain in the south, Terra Cimmeria , is composed of older terrain than the much smoother and brighter Elysium Planitia to the north.

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Mission to Mars: LEGO® Explorers Workshop | Natural History Museum

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NASA's Mars Helicopter has proven its off-world mettle.

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NASA's InSight Lander Celebrates 100 Days on Mars by Watching the Sun Set

Bibcode : Disc Retrieved November 3, Archived from the original on November 10, Archived from the original on June 13, Retrieved June 7, Mars: Prospective Energy and Material Resources illustrated ed. Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved July 20, International Planetarium Society. Archived from the original on May 16, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved February 16, June 8, Retrieved June 8, Mars and the Development of Life. It was a heck of a first flight. The helicopter performed similarly well in a second test the next day, project team members said.

So, the little drone is ready for the Red Planet — and its place in history as the first craft ever to ply the skies of an alien world. The chamber hosted missions from the Ranger moon probes to the Voyagers to Cassini, and every Mars rover ever flown. To see our helicopter in there reminded me we are on our way to making a little chunk of space history as well. The solar-powered helicopter will launch with NASA's Mars rover, a car-size robot that will search for signs of ancient Red Planet life, collect and cache samples for eventual return to Earth, and perform a variety of other science work.

The helicopter will then make a handful of test flights, each lasting a maximum of 90 seconds. Because Deimos is so small compared to the disk of the Sun, scientists would say it's transiting the Sun. In addition to capturing each moon crossing in front of the Sun, one of Curiosity's Navigation Cameras Navcams observed the shadow of Phobos on March 25, Sol As the moon's shadow passed over the rover during sunset, it momentarily darkened the light. Solar eclipses have been seen many times by Curiosity and other rovers in the past.

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Besides being cool — who doesn't love an eclipse? The first time one of the rovers tried to image Deimos eclipsing the Sun, they found the moon was 25 miles 40 kilometers away from where they expected.