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The download also includes a version with grams instead of ounces for my international friends. I know that healthy nutrition and especially how many carbs to eat is a topic that causes a great deal of discussion in the diabetes community. If you are doing something different that works for you, then definitely keep doing it! This is a 1,calorie example. Coat a pan with cooking spray and put over medium heat. Whisk egg whites and whole egg with salt and pepper, and pour into the pan. Stir until the eggs are cooked to a scramble. Sprinkle Stevia on the yogurt and finish with a dollop of peanut butter.

If you want to reduce the heat of the chilies a little, you can remove the seeds. Add turkey to the pan, mix everything together and let it all cook for another 5 minutes.

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Add tomatoes, black beans, chicken stock, and spices and let it simmer for minutes. Serve with chopped green onions and sour cream on top. Pro tip : This is a great recipe to make a big pot of and eat all week or freeze so you always have a healthy meal ready. Slice the avocado and roll it up in the turkey meat with the veggies.

Season with pepper. Set aside.

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Coat a skillet with cooking spray and place over medium heat. Add the shredded zucchini to the pan and let it cook for 2 minutes. Push the zucchini to the side of the pan and add meat to the other side. When meat is brown on one side app. Let it cook for another minute, then add the cooked rice to the skillet and mix everything together.

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Add salt and let it cook for another minute. Put the washed and sliced strawberries on top. I like to eat the same foods for several days in a row with only minor changes and then change the plan every week or so. I would suggest that you follow this plan for a week and then start on the next plan which I will post in a week from now. Click here to download the meal plan as a PDF. Not only do I have type 1 diabetes, but I am also quite allergic to pepper, both black and red not sweet red however.

That only increases as the level of capcasin elevates — jalepeno, etc. Most recipes I read, to add flavor, are doused with a spicy condiment. I use an herbal pepper substitute made of spices and lemon, at times. I think you might be best off by making your own spice mixes. I did that when I had to completely cut out garlic and onion for a period of time all mixes seem to have onion as well as pepper. I would just replicate my favorite spice mixes but omit the garlic and onion.

Not sure what to cook?

Any suggestions?? You can still use this plan but you might have to increase the calorie target. Weight loss or gain in its simplest form comes down to calorie balance.

Dining with Diabetes : Poached Salmon Recipe

You need to be in a calorie surplus. If you have a hard time getting enough calories in during the day you can try to add some more healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, and oil. I happened to have a little left over fresh cabbage and some kale so added that also.

Delicious 'fast day' meal plans that are just 800 calories

The fresh ginger, cilantro, and a little lime just make it so delicious! My son just found out this week that he is severe diabetic so this household is changing our meals!! Thank you!! The volume of responses indicate, as usual, more interest in eating than in exercising — the exact reverse of what most of us need. Love the meal plans. I am curious to your opinion on adding salt to meals?

Q: What’s the best way to Keep on Track?

I love salt, so am interested in how much I should be trying to avoid it. It depends. If you have hypertension or other conditions that recommend limiting salt, you obviously need to be very careful. In general, if you cook your meal yourself you can add salt. The issue with Americans getting too much sodium is tightly linked to the consumption of processed food. The meals look tasty! The downloadable PDF has everything in grams plus a grocery list.

Just click the link at the bottom of the post. The PDF version provided has grams. I find some of the measurements a wee bit strange. In meal 2, for example, how much is 0. I recommend getting a kitchen scale and using that.

How to Eat With Diabetes—and Still Love Your Food

Volume measurements are very inaccurate which is why I as a rule always list weight. Just including them so that you know my praise is with a critical eye. My highest recommendation. I DON'T care to cook. I DON'T care to plan and balance and coordinate calories and proportions and on and on. Your food will NOT arrive half thawed or warm. It is always arriving when they say. It is easy to substitute a meal you don't care from one of the over other entrees.

I recently realized I am even allowed to use breakfast as a lunch or dinner. I'm a breakfast lover any time of day. Okay, someone said these are bland. They are NOT correct.

Voice of the Diabetic | National Federation of the Blind

The last thing you could call this food is bland. I put mine on a plate and turn off TV and leave phone alone and I would swear a waiter just brought me out good restaurant food. When you call to ask any questions they are the friendliness support staff you will ever encounter. My assistant and I laughed and giggled the entire call.

Nope--I'm not a paid reviewer. That is unethical to me. I am very honest when I recommend products to friends and strangers.