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This futuristic product will go on sale first in Japan at the end of August, and the rest of the world after that. Guitar tones that Marty created himself for this unit will be downloadable from the Internet by those who have the GS For those of you wanting to know how Marty gets his tone, this is a must-have. See www. NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook. Once you're logged in, you will be able to comment. NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment.

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Dragon Ball Piccolo Daimao's goal is to conquer the world. Specifically, Frieza was in the business of conquering and selling planets. This is one of Greed's stated goals, though in the end Ling calls him out on his bluff and Greed grudgingly admits that deep down his true desire was to have friends. In the anime version , Bradley seemed to have this as his intention, which makes sense, him being a Hitler-expy and all.

Since they've become competent and now have frikken jet-packs, they might actually have a shot.

That didn't last long though. Pain of Naruto originally claims this to be the goal of Akatsuki. As a small mercenary force of exceptional skill they would build a strong reputation and slow supplant the established villages; then they would use the captured Bijuu to start small wars, promptly ending them, to gain complete dominance of the market. At that point, they would crush the weakened nations reliant on their services and become the sole world power.

Turns out Pein was right all along; except the real Akatsuki boss, Tobi plans to use a Mass Hypnosis plan instead of the fake, economic scheme. As of Chapter , Sasuke reveals that his ultimate goal is world domination, starting with killing Naruto, the only person he believes can stop him. Their methods and reasons are generally more benign than most of the other examples on this page.

In Read or Die , the British Library apparently wants to take control of the world's information networks, so they can get the world to doublethink itself into believing that they already rule the world. Ika Musume's ultimate goal is to take over the world in order to punish humans for polluting the oceans and harming the ocean life.

Thus far, her invasion has stalled at the beach house where she first made landfall. It will follow objective A; the defeat of their mortal enemy Sunred. So far, they're stuck at objective A. And probably will be for some time. Which is to be expected, given that it was his goal in Real Life. An unusual case in that he is a hero rather than a villain.

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He's delighted to discover that the world is larger than he had realized in life, because that means there's more of it to conquer. Poseidon in Saint Seiya. Cue his one-time help against Hades, who wants to destroy the world. The Zabi family of Mobile Suit Gundam have this as their ultimate objective, seeking to grind Earth and all of the space colonies under their jackbooted heels.

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Their reasons for doing so differ— Degwin and Kycilia want to bring their familial political philosophy to the entirety of humanity and make Zeon the strongest nation in existence, Garma and Dozle just want to make their father proud , and Gihren sees it as an exercise in stroking his own ego. Whether he's a Visionary Villain or a Manipulative Bastard of a Narcissist who wants to remake the world in his own image is a matter of some debate in the fandom.

From the New World features a particularly hideous example: Monster Rat Yakomaru plans to overthrow humans by exploiting the fact that Humans Are Psychic in the Future by kidnapping a human infant and raising him into an unstoppable, animalistic sociopath and unleashing him against the communities on the Japanese archipelago, and using the chaos to capture even more infants to repeat the process until all humans have been wiped out.

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Momonga in Overlord more or less ends up accidentally beginning a campaign to conquer the New World when his subordinate Demiurge takes an off-hand remark too seriously. His subordinates, without his knowledge, have dedicated themselves to delivering the New World to him. Momonga just wanted to make his guild famous in the New World hoping to find fellow Yggdrasil players.

He only finds out what his minions are really doing in volume 8 of the light novel. To save face, he goes along with it.

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Prior to the events of the series he nearly conquers Ente Isla with his four demon armies before being hurled into an Alternate Dimension on the eve of his final victory. During the series he intends to take over modern Earth by Zeref points out in the present he could still definitely do it even with only one arm , and speculates that the reason he hasn't is because it would just be boring. Played straight in Mark Waid's Empire limited comic series.

The supervillain mastermind Golgoth actually conquers the world. All opposition is crushed, all superheroes are defeated, and Golgoth is still victorious at the end of the tale. Needless to say, it's a VERY dark story. However, Golgoth finds that ruling the world is not exactly easy, either. Dogbert has taken over the world a few times. In one arc he does so through hypnosis, but abdicates after he gets bored. He's also taken over the company frequently, usually becoming obscenely wealthy and retiring within a matter of days.

He hits the Reset Button himself when he realizes he didn't want the world, he just wanted the quest to take it over. The Doomster also pulled it off in Marvel Ultimate Alliance , complete with building an army with hybrid Doombot and Iron Man technology and giving himself a castle the size of Latveria. Then the heroes beat him up and Odin blows him to vapor with a lightning bolt.

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In the aftermath of the Onslaught Saga, Franklin Richards created an alternate Earth and Doctor Doom conquered THAT before getting bored with the absolute power over it he'd usurped from Franklin Richards' weird computer overseer thing. He pulls it off in Doom or the United States, anyway, which is not actually the entire world. He's actually a pretty good leader. Druid points out to the Super-Adaptoid the importance of thinking things through: And once you have conquered the people of Earth, what then?

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To rule means to dictate. What will you tell your billions of subjects to do? Each new servant will make new devices that, in turn, will make new servants, until I have an endless army at my command! Samsung agreed to stop advertising the Galaxy Tab In a Federal Court filing obtained by Fairfax Media, Apple accuses Samsung of misleading and deceptive conduct and demands damages.

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It accuses Samsung of misleading consumers by making representations "to the effect" that the Galaxy Tab Also found in the court application are demands by Apple that all of Samsung's Galaxy Tab The Australian injunction is necessary because Samsung has had "announcements of an imminent launch of the Galaxy Tab Should Apple lose its patent infringement lawsuit, it agreed to pay Samsung damages, which weren't specified. The dispute between the companies began in April when Apple sued Samsung in the US, claiming the Galaxy products "slavishly" imitated the designs and technologies used for its iPad and iPhone.

The Australian dispute relates only to Samsung's tablets but it is understood that Apple could also seek to restrain the company from selling its smartphones in Australia if US courts find Samsung infringed Apple's patents. Intellectual property law expert Trevor Choy said the patent dispute could be raging for years and was "all about formalised damage control". Apple has sold nearly 29 million iPads since they first went on sale in April last year. Mr Choy said that, given the huge contribution the product makes to Apple's earnings, the company's lawyers "will have been given fresh instructions to do whatever it takes to protect the goose responsible for those golden eggs".

Last month, Apple revealed its quarterly results showing iPad sales worldwide had nearly doubled from a quarter ago to 9. Mr Choy said the Australian court would independently determine whether Samsung had infringed Apple's patents but the case "will be very heavily influenced by the US decision". Since just a short delay would already be a benefit to Apple, they probably won't be too unreasonable," he said.