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In this way, the loser stocks will get time to recover and they might get their initial investment back. Moreover, in the meantime, they can get some profits by selling their good stocks. However, this is the wrong approach. In this way, you are limiting your upper level and increasing your lower level. That is, you are limiting how much you can get profits as you have already sold your good stocks.

But, you can suffer even great loss as the loser stocks are still in your portfolio. If you want not to lose money in the stock market, then you should use the opposite approach.

5 things you need to do if you keep losing money in the stock market

You should limit your lower level and maximize your upper lever. This can be achieved by holding to your winners and cutting your loser stocks. Patience is the key to success in stock market. The only thing that you need to do in the stock market is to buy good stocks and give it time. This is the only way to make money here. However, most people who lose money in the stock market do not have patience. They want a quick result. However, this is not the only problem with such investors. Here, the lack of patience misfires on their intelligence of choosing a decent stock.

This is the last reason that I want to mention that why people lose money in stock market. Imagine a scenario. What will you do now? All your known people are getting great returns by investing in that stock. Will you invest in that stock too? If you blindly follow everyone and buy that stock, then you are most likely to lose money.

Everyone has some plans and strategies for their investment. Maybe when you thought to buy, he was planning to sell the stock in a few days thinking it as overpriced. And after studying the company completely, if you are satisfied, then only invest in that stock. Apart from the above, there are other couples of reasons also like investing in futures and options, frequent trading, lack of self-control etc that are responsible for most people losing money in stock market. If you have any suggestions or reviews, feel free to comment below. I will be happy to reply.

Besides, here is an infographic on why most people lose money in stock market. Feel free to share it with your friends so that they can also avoid loss in the market.

How Do Investors Lose Money When the Stock Market Crashes?

New to stocks and confused where to start? Enroll now and start your stock market journey today! And so, I am delighted to share my learnings with you. Thanks in advance. Hi Mayur. Sure, you can send me doubts at info tradebrains. But, I can help you with the fundamentals. Most of the beginners lose their money because they follow the same which are mentioned above as not to follow. Good awareness. Its very important lesson.

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I also followed the wrong process and made loss. Please guide how can the checked the fundamental and financial report of a stock. Hi Subrata. Thanks for such a lovely article. Going long term Only for company with good fundamentals is certainly the best and safest way to earn in stock market. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing. The blog is very informative and the tips are very effective. As many people believe in other people quickly not doing enquiry and then they get trapped in what people said.

The tips give very clear information. Very informative. Can you help me with what research should I do before investing? Hi Niar.

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Thanks for your comment. I have a question regarding point 4 and point 5. In the last paragraph of 4 its written to reduce loss making shares to reduce liability. Kindly clear my doubt. Hi Jatin. On the other hand, in the 4th point, its stated to cut your stocks if its continuously performing poor even if you have given it enough time say years.

It might never return you even the investment amount and there is no point to hold it for long and lose more. I hope this is helpful.

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I love your article. My personal suggestion to everyone entering the market is study minimum fundamental and technical analysis from good mentor. Then put 10k in market to practice all the things u learned and once you understand the working techniques and research process then start little higher investments. Stock market is very interesting and make more money of the Indian market bse and nse very awesome and I am very interested in stock market so please sir help me few guidelines.

Hi Satyam.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Glad you are interested in learning. Happy Investing.

Hi Kritesh Regarding factor 4 what you mention about holding onto losses….. May be in the short term one may suffer losses. Dear Mr. However, definitely, we need to cross-check before coming to any conclusion.

I LOST $75,000 Stock Market Trading in 2015

Hi Kritesh Great article. Even I have the same experience. About 5 years ago when I just started stock trading I had done lots of silly mistakes. Hi Aamir. I agree that the stock market is a long-journey and mistakes are the building stones.

3 Ways to Lose All Your Money in the Stock Market

Thank you for your comment. Hello,Thanks for your interesting article. Hello sir,I want to invest in sterlite technologies ltd, vip industries ltd, minda industries ltd. Nice article. Recently I wrote similar article on the same topic of people losing money in stock market with some info graphs added to it.

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