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Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center on December 30, in previews and closed on March 27, , after performances. Directed and musically staged by Graciela Daniele the show was much in the vein of Stephen Sondheim 's Sunday in the Park with George in that the staging was like a classic painting coming to life.

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The original cast album was released in by RCA Victor. The musical received its professional European premiere in at London's Bridewell Theatre, as part of a series of musicals introducing the works of the next generation of major American musical theatre writers. In , the musical received a controversial showing by The Satori Group at The Hustler Sound Stage, a building in Cincinnati that was once the headquarters for Hustler magazine, when publisher Larry Flynt was a local celebrity during the s.

The production was directed by Silvia Armbruster with musical direction by Philip Tillotson, and the text was translated by Roman Hinze.

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The production used the revisions made for the London version and the text was translated by Fredrik Fischer and Linnea Sjunnesson together with members of the cast. The stage musical has been adapted to film, which is directed by Tom Gustafson and written by Cory Krueckeberg.

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Filming began in December and had a limited release in the United States on November 8th, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hello Again Original off-Broadway poster.

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Main article: Hello Again film. Hello Again Bridewell Theatre, London" guardian.

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