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Our mountain of chores came first and then we had to get ourselves to and from practice. As far as I'm concerned, parents should help their kids to succeed, whether in sports or education.

You push them, but you support them and say, "Whatever you need, I'm here for you. All you have to do is ask. If I wanted to succeed, everything was on me. My mother tried, but you need the whole team behind you. Gary had the financial means to help, and without his support it was damn near impossible for me to do anything in high school. The only things Gary taught me were how to cut grass, chop wood, pull weeds, and wash dishes — stuff like that.

I learned everything else on my own.

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Gary was definitely hands off. I don't get why he was like that — he knew what he signed up for when he married my mother. She had two boys, so we were part of the deal. Maybe he just saw the marriage as a good way to get some cheap labor. That wouldn't surprise me — Gary was a real tightwad. It wasn't just sports gear I had to pay for; I had to buy my own school clothes. He bought us two pairs of jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, and some white T-shirts, and that's all we got for the year. If we wanted anything else, we had to work a regular job to earn the money.

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Once I started working, the bastard made me pay rent. Here I was, still in high school and I was paying 50 dollars a month to my stepfather. That was a lot of damn money to a 17 year old, especially back in ! I understand paying rent to your folks if you're living at home after you've graduated — but not when you're still a minor.

My brother and I were nervous wrecks whenever he was around. It was horrible. He never laid a hand on us, but he made us uncomfortable all the time. He didn't care if we were upset, if we were hurt, if we had any problems; all that mattered to him was that we were able to work around the yard and the house. I'm sure my mom wasn't too happy, but what could she do? She was as dependent on him as we were, if not more so. She was just trying to keep the peace.

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Aunt Elaine told me that my mother did stand up for us behind closed doors, but in the end, she had to follow Gary's lead and say, "Well, you gotta work. It was too bad that we had to work so much, because I could have been really good at football. Whenever we played it in PE, I played wide receiver. I was small but fast, and I had great hands. If I could touch the ball, I'd catch it. The Grants Pass High School Football coach was also my PE teacher, and he told me that if I played for him in my senior year, he was sure I would get a college scholarship — a full ride. I had to tell him I couldn't because my parents were making me work.

It was a damn shame that I didn't get to play college football. Still, for all of the negative thoughts about Gary I had during my teenage years, I did develop a very strong work ethic because of him. I'm very particular — the engine bay of each of my vehicles has to be spotless, for example. Everything has to be in a pristine condition; everything has to look good.

All of my tools are in a certain order. Nice and neat — everything clean. I pay attention to detail. This work ethic was reflected in my time as a wrestler. I always strove for the perfect match. You never get it, but you always strive for it. You're constantly working to have better matches. I am a perfectionist and my own worst critic. I may never reach perfection but as long as I'm striving for it, I'll always do the best I can.

Despite how it might sound, and even though Gary made me feel like a slave a lot of the time, I didn't grow up unhappy. He and I didn't have much in common, but we both liked auto racing and we both liked wrestling. One of the good things about moving in with Gary was that he had a TV.

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This was new to us because we had never been able to afford one. I discovered roller derby pretty quickly and thought it was great. If you look at it now, it's obviously a work, but back then I thought it was real. Later, when I was in fourth grade, my stepdad's parents and siblings moved from California to Oregon so we moved too. I tuned in and I was hooked right away. I'd never seen anything like it. I couldn't wait for the next Saturday so I could see some more. Pat Patterson was the big babyface.

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It's mind-boggling to think that I ended up working alongside Pat, and that about 25 years after I first saw him wrestle, I cussed him out in front of the entire WWE locker room. A while after we got to Oregon, I found out that there were other wrestling groups, including Portland Wrestling.

I was in heaven! I still remember the guys who made the biggest first impression on me.

Those guys were great, but the guy I liked the most was "Playboy" Buddy Rose. His interviews were good, he was a great worker, and he made everything so believable. Even now, I still think that he was one of the greatest workers who ever lived. Buddy Rose never got the respect he deserved. He was such an awesome heel. I had my other favorites — Mr.

Great review Ross K. Very pleased to report that The Hardcore Truth has leapt above Chris Jericho 's Undisputed on the Amazon most reviewed list - Bob and Ross are now sitting at 8th overall, still with a 4. Thanks for your support everyone!