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Now with the publication of this book, the text and drawings are available to scholars and martial artists in the original Middle High German, as well as in Modern German and English translations. The translations were provided by Grzegorz Zabinski, with assistance from Bartlomiej Walczak, two of the most esteemed interpreters of medieval combat in the world.

The codex offers a series of fundamental counters to common attacks, using the longsword, falchion and dagger, as well as the complete system of wrestling techniques.

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In this work the reader will During a house renovation a family discovers a codex that holds the secrets to a lost cache of art. When historian and magazine writer Tom Taylor is invited to solve the clues and find the treasure he gets more than he bargains for. In this work the reader. Roman Numerals from the past, have changed in the present. This book describes the authors journey of his discovery that the US Mint and some renowned publishers in the U. It also provides a legend to help you understand the correct method for using Roman Numerals. Or will be able to do if you buy this.

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The Haitian Vodou Codex of spells, hexes, curses and more. It is not just chopping the heads off chickens and creating zombies.

It is a lot. Lot more!!!!!!

This Book is nothing like you have ever bought or seen before. It comes as two individual parts. Part 1 gives you all the historical and religious side of Vodou and what it can and cannot do.

Vodou is a genuine religion and does not always mean the dark side of magic. Part 2 contains all the spells, curses, hexes, charms and ointments. Plus much more including a section on how to make your own zombie. This tutorial is suitable for anyone with general craft skills in measuring, cutting, sewing, etc. These ancient gnostic texts were discovered in Egypt in near the small village of that name. I have not attempted to make an historically accurate facsimile. My interest lies in adopting and adapting old binding methods to make artistic and useful contemporary books. The original books were fairly large, about 29 x 18 cm I decided to use about half a shoulder of vegetable tanned calf skin and make my book about a quarter of the size: around 12 x 10 cm 5 x 4 ins.

The book is sewn with 'direct tacketing' which means you can undo the sewing and replace the paper quite easily. The tutorial is fully illustrated with templates, and over photographs. Perfect for students of Hebrew and Greek and for reading the Bible in the original languages with an English translation as a reference! Beautiful, large Hebrew and Greek characters that can be resized as needed.

Complete Hebrew Tanak with cantillation accent marks and vowels from the Westminster Leningrad Codex. Beautiful, large Hebrew characters that can be resized as needed. Easy verse navigation. Click on any chapter name to jump to the Table of Contents. It was once said that if you were an eBook virgin, Bernard Schaffer's stories would throw you up against the wall and have their way with you. Contained within this single, specially priced volume, are stories of such darkness and humor that you will not know whether to laugh out loud or run away screaming.

Codex Fantastica contains the short works from the author's groundbreaking collections "Women and Other Monsters" and "Overdogs" as well as assorted essays and more. Tales of a spurned wife's revenge so stunning, you will not believe what you just read. A father who will stop at nothing to save his little girl. Journeys into the afterlife where nothing is as advertised and the truth is much stranger and better than anything one could possibly imagine.

Sundered from the sword Hunger, Saulzar dismisses civilization and immerses himself in the savage world of wolves. He learns the way of the wild, the beautiful joy of true freedom, and his role in the pack. But after his leader is grievously injured, can prove himself worthy to lead a pack?

To Lead a Pack is a short story in the Saulzar Codex. It is approximately words. Look for next chapter of the Saulzar Codex on July 1, Anishi is an unusual boy. He was born with a heart bigger than normal size, and therefore always carries it in a pouch attached to his belt. It is a short story, though, about ten pages. A young woman has spent her life in corsets and petticoats, trapped by convention, only to find herself stranded on a beach surrounded by mermaids and in search of her brother, the sailor. The mermaids say he'll be at the full moon dance, and she can attend if she can swim well enough.

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