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Brilliant individual turns by the three Doctors help to keep afloat a scatterbrain adventure trying to balance too many threads. This is the first Big Finish audio adventure for Doctor Who and, to introduce a new era of the show for the fanbase, this episode gave each of the Doctors their own episode and narrative, before all of the threads and leads came together for the final part.

I think this was a very good move, not least because Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy act like they never left and are easily the best aspect of this story. As these episodes feel wildly different in tone and content, it is perhaps appropriate to review them separately before coming up with a general verdict on the story.


From the outset we, the audience, are dropped into a crisis on Gallifrey, where the Time Lords are contemplating assassinating the Doctor to stop a menacing invasion from an unknown race. Instantly, we are gripped. What better way to kick off a new series of Who adventures than to have the Time Lord we love under threat from his own species? This is also a great way to link the show to the Classic Series.

Doctor Who - DVD Collection Part 5 - Peter Davison (5th Doctor)

The narrative he is placed in features an elderly knight held captive by a disgusting woman, spaceships crashing and a species being born from the wreckage. It is a shame that a lot of these elements were utilised for maybe a couple of minutes only in favour of a lot of discussion about the plot, but that is the risk when only dedicating one episode to this.

In spite of that, it manages to set up a lot of the narrative well, and McCoy is charming as ever. The weakest individual Doctor narrative in this story arrives in part two, where the Fifth Doctor arrives on board a vessel on the verge of being attacked by a German U-boat in the First World War.

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Quickly distanced from his companions Tegan and Turlough a neat trick to avoid having to bring the actors in for the roles , he teams up with a cockney-sounding girl to… defeat some Nazis, who are being possessed by the Time Lords to kill The Doctor? Even without this confusing plot point it pales in comparison to Part 1 and 3 in terms of threat , its link to the final part just feels a bit rushed, like the writers wanted to have an episode set in the past.

Peter Davison is solid in his role though, and there is far more action taking place in this story, so it can be likened to mucb of his tenure in the TV series. But overall nothing really stands out. There are shades of Classic Who and science-fiction in this excellent part, starring Colin Baker. Even though he faced a mixed reaction when starring in the TV series, I found him to be full of energy and excitement here, reminding me of several Doctors who followed in the years after this.

The concept of The Doctor arriving on a starliner that is heading into the Kurgon Wonder, a strange phenomenon. This allows him to have some amusing interactions with a medley of figures, including a waitress, an android and what I imagine is an Elephantine creature who acts, talks and dresses like an old English gent.

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The threat feels intelligent and sustained; it will take a miracle for The Doctor to get out of this alive. It is also the episode where the threads of the narrative start to come together and the closing moments are perhaps the most intense of the whole story.

Doctor Who Online - Episode Guide - The Fifth Doctor Episodes

This is the most successful part and sets the scene up really well for the finale. So the audience finally reaches the point where all of The Doctors meet and the stakes are at their highest, with the Time Lords being fed on for their energy and the universe dying of a plague. Their true intention was an interesting twist that was staring at listeners for much of the audio book. On the other hand, despite apparently being all powerful and having control over Time, they were portrayed a bit too ordinary.

In all honesty, the only thing holding the episode together were the three leads. If I thought they did a great job individually, together they made an explosive team who bounced off each other with ease, despite not really interacting with each other much before this story. It is worth paying money just to hear these three getting irritated and sharing jokes with each other. There are confusing plot points and features that are mentioned or seen for a couple of minutes and then sidelined in favour of talking about it, the main villains are weak despite having control over Time and the pacing was occasionally all over the shop.

However, in between these faults come some sparkling moments of character and plot, and it is these that should be focused on in the first ever Big Finish audio adventure for the main Doctor Who franchise. But there's no need to stress. Whether you're a fan of NuWho or have never watched a episode of the science fiction classic, here's everything you need to know to begin your adventure through space and time If you are one of those "New Who" or NuWho fans, then this guide is especially for you.

This is a Doctor-by-Doctor guide to Doctors Each entry concludes with the "one essential adventure" to check out. Some serials are missing entirely, while others are missing parts. The First Doctor, William Hartnell set the tone for every Doctor that would come after, which is why it might be surprising for NuWho fans just how curmudgeonly the First Doctor is, especially in his first season. Underneath it all, Hartnell's Doctor still has the mischevious, benevolent, brilliant qualities that have come to define this iconic character throughout all of his incarnations.

Initially conceived as a children's educational program for the BBC, the First Doctor travels through space and time with his granddaughter Susan, as well as her schoolteachers Barbara and Ian. Though the terms "Time Lord" or "Gallifrey" are never explicitly used, we know from the get-go that the Doctor and Susan are in exile from their home planet.

At this point, the Doctor cannot control when or where the TARDIS ends up, which adds another layer of adventure to these early stories. The fact that it did is a testament to Troughton's charismatic performance. Known as the "Cosmic Hobo" of Doctors, Troughton's Doctor was much more childlike and energetic than Hartnell's Doctor, though with a gravity and power to manipulate that belied his extreme intelligence.

The Second Doctor was particularly good at acting the fool to throw off potential enemies. Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith cites Troughton as a particular influence in his performance, so if you like Eleven and are looking for a Classic Doctor to check out, I would suggest the Second Doctor.

Hines appears in season two of the Starz TV adaptation of the bestselling series. Sadly, much of Troughton's tenure as the Second Doctor has been lost, but there are still some great examples of the Second Doctor's adventures. Read more: A Celebration of Patrick Troughton. We first meet the Time Lords. They're the worst. Suave, technologically-savvy, and always ready to throw a punch, the Third Doctor drove around in a canary-yellow roadster called Bessie.

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  5. Yeah, Pertwee had style Though this narrative move may have been related to cost-efficiency reasons, it led to a more arc-driven story than what had come before. Though Lethbridge-Stewart was introduced with the Second Doctor and met almost all of the Doctors, his relationship with the Third Doctor remains the most developed. Read more: A Celebration of Jon Pertwee. Your move, as-of-yet-uncast Thirteenth Doctor.

    The Fourth Doctor is a force of nature, gleeful one moment and gravely serious the next. It's hard to imagine another actor pulling this kind of capriciousness off as so much of Four is defined by Baker's iconic performance. Read more: A Celebration of Tom Baker. Peter Davison had big shoes to fill following the departure of Tom Baker as the Doctor, but the job was perhaps made simpler by a conscious decision to cast against Baker-type with Davison.