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Robin Trower: Day of the Eagle: The Best of Robin Trower

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There he gets his new mission to kill Hitler! Episode No. Nelson is flown to occupied France and dropped.

Day Of The Eagle - Robin Trower.

French Resistance helps him and he boards a train to Munich. Yet another agent at Gestapo headquarter cracks and tells all.

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Will the Eagle make it to Munich aboard the train or get caught? Mike Nelson The Eagle has to avoid the German that are after him and try to find a way to Munich fast.

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Will Mike Nelson complete the most vital mission of the war? Has Kleiber clipped the wings of The Eagle or will he finally put a bullet in Hitler? The suspense and mystery deepens!

Mike Nelson thinks he has killed Hitler, but a double has been used and The Eagle must still carry out his mission and escape if he can. The Eagle Is sentenced to death by Hitler! Mike Nelson The Eagle has been caught and will face death in Berlin. If he can get away, he still must carry-out the mission given him. Nelson escaped and now the Gestapo are after him again.


Can he eluded them to finish him mission and is it foretold in the star? Mike Nelson has fooled Hitler into believing he is his Astrologer. Can he kill the Fuhrer?

day the eagle flies

But, the Gestapo is still after him. Will he be caught by them again or die?