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Omega Chandra Pleiadian Azoth Symbols John Sandbach

Break through the hard crystallized thought forms that we have turned into a wall to defend the brain, and see that death the skeleton and life the flowers are one, and beautiful. Pleiadian Symbol: A rug grows larger and larger, sprouting grass, trees, and flowers as it turns into a landscape.

Seed degree: Scorpio 7. A poem has disappeared from a sheet of paper. All that is left behind is a few iridescent stains. The poem dematerialized reveals by its death the beautiful and refreshing nature of dying.

D Cup Divas by Vonda Howard

A small cave located high in the hills and filled with goat dung. The waste products of old cycles reemerge to fertilize new forms which contain the essence of the old combined with a new vibrancy. This releases the pressure of limited ways of living that has built up within us. Fulfillment degree: Libra 2. A vast tract of windmills. To learn to love death and to be thankful for its gifts allows us to embrace and be fully empowered by the breath of life.

An a apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake Chandra Symbol. Having made our mind more receptive to new possibilities we let down our defenses and open ourselves to the assimilation of them.

On a spring day a skeleton had become so bored sleeping in a grave that he dug himself out, and finding the cemetery filled with fresh flowers, wove them into garlands and hung them all over his bones, reveling in their beauty. As he was dancing around the cemetery he noticed some mourners who, though they looked his way, seemed not to see him.

Their fear of death had made him invisible. Streets littered with many colors of confetti. You have the ability to bring a vibration of celebration into all aspects of everyday life. You are communicating to people how to renew themselves and how to blossom out of their set patterns and routines. You are on a different wavelength from other people — many can not embrace the joy and enthusiasm for life that you can.

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Celebration is the acknowledgment that something important has occurred and that it should be honored. But once the celebration is over the way is clear for the next step of the journey, blessed with the colors of the recent triumph. The confetti lying in the streets is about what is over, the empty courtyard is about what is coming, and this degree stands at the cross-roads of that time of renewal, acknowledging the past, open to the future.

Seed degree: Scorpio An angel kisses a man while he sleeps.

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To give free rein to our joy creates an immediate connection with higher beings who wish to communicate their love for us. A rope going up in the sky. When we allow ourselves to connect with higher vibrations we find a protected space in which we may be protected from the conflicts of earthly existence. Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 2. A lighthouse is moved inland. Embracing the joys of life eventually makes one aware of the need to protect the light one has to share with others from destructive influences.

A large, stately bronze horse. To find our peaceful and protected center apart from the outer world connects us directly to our personal power. The celebrations were over and cars were running over the colored confetti. The rainbows had been thrown from high buildings, glittering down onto the parade. Healing Mem Hey Shin.

A woman drying flowers and carefully preserving their colors. You hold on to all that is beautiful in life. Your stamina and high-mindedness help you to survive in even the most difficult of situations. You are intent on magnifying the good and looking beyond the discord and negativity of life. Your very essence is an encouragement to others, for it lights the way through difficult times. Pleiadian Symbol: A mysterious piece of unusual color and shape appearing on a chess board. Seed degree: Sagittarius 1. Realization of the potential depths and multifacetedness of experience naturally results in the desire to proliferate what is beautiful and spiritually enriching.

A woman, manacled in solid gold chains.

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Perceiving the meaning and value of what confines us, we become like the wind, carrying the colors of hope to others. Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 2. Waking at night, a man sees a firefly in the darkness of his bedroom. Working to hold on to what is beautiful, we come into a greater appreciation of the ephemeral.

Many iris blooming in a wide variety of colors. The joys of the mind substantiate into the beautiful manifestations of our creativity. In past lives she had been skilled in the art of mummification. Mummifying flowers was much more difficult, for colors preferred to inhabit living flesh, rather than a lifeless tomb. She performed her work by talking to the colors — by telling them of future eyes to which they would bring joy, and future imaginations, which they would brighten.

In the hunt for the Goldlites Divas, P.C. Chandra Jewellers visits Sammilani College

For the sake of joy and imagination, the colors decided to stay, at least for awhile. A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. You have an innate understanding of the negativity and discord of the world, plus an ability to help others to see how these energies operate.

“Why isn’t everybody using menstrual cups?!”

As these dark forces are exposed they become weakened by the light of knowledge. Your sincerity can render you immune to many dangers, as you explore dark recesses for the sake of helping others. It is a way of encountering ourselves, meeting our depths, and especially of contacting our pain-body and releasing its traumas, so that WE can become even more alive. To master this art requires love and innocence. Azoth Symbol: A teacher gives her students a vision of the structure of the universe.

Seed Degree: Sagittarius Sitting for her portrait, Mona Lisa feels as if millions of people are watching her. The awareness of our connection to all times and places allows us to exorcise our fears.

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  8. An embalmer at work on a mummy. From the awareness that we need not resist change is born a desire to be free of mechanical and unconscious ways of being. Fulfillment Degree: Capricorn 2. A painting which causes those who see it to become silent. The exorcising of fear produces a profound and blissful emptiness.

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    It has been plated with gold. At night he found himself in strange lands. They came to him by candlelight and he wrote of them. The dark has its own, invisible rainbows, a kingdom of unseen colors, colors of the lost, which return to haunt, and to hide, vaguely, in the colors which we know. He wanted others to see the hidden colors, so that seeing could return them to their origin, the pure light, where they would find the joy of emptiness.