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Among the several hundred people who showed up in front of the stage for that performance was Michael Barber, a lawyer who orchestrated a bidding war among several of the major labels for the band's services. Eventually, Barber landed the band a management deal with Nettwerk Management home to Coldplay and a record deal with Warner Bros.

It was hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind surrounding the band.

With a seemingly endless supply of money and a crack team of business-jargon-spewing industry hotshots on their side, it felt like Eisley had already made it. But reality set in quickly, and the band began to feel the weight of the label's demands on their shoulders—a burden that would only get heavier for years to come. The people at Warner Bros. The label and the band's management spent the band's money recklessly, shopping them around from producer to producer to try to find the right fit. But when the sales for Room Noises disappointed—despite prime opening touring slots for the likes of Coldplay, New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday—the band's interaction with its business handlers started becoming especially tense.

Suddenly, there was even more pressure to write hit singles. There was more pressure to tour, too. And, given the family dynamic of the outfit, there was pressure, too, for the band to make enough money to support its family. Everyone in the band felt it, but none more than DuPree-King, who spent much of her adolescence on the road. I started to close up more and more and more and more—until I was like a zombie, like a hermit.

The pressure was also too much to bear for Wilson, who left the band in , and was replaced by Garrin DuPree, another Tyler-dwelling cousin of the family's.

Conflicted (Battlescars III) (Volume 3)

And it wasn't long before the band realized that the record deal with Warner Brothers wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Business wasn't the only thing going wrong for the members of Eisley: Their personal lives were also spiraling out of control. Life on the road apart from each other, however, proved to be too much of a strain on their relationship, and the two divorced in , less than a year after they were married. Then we went on tours and he fell in love with someone else, and I couldn't do anything about it. The DuPrees had reached the bottom, and the failed relationships of the two sisters hit the entire family hard.

The band needed a break. And after they finished touring in support of their second LP, 's Combinations , they had fulfilled their end of the record contract and were ready to cut ties with Warner Bros. But the people at Warner, who had all but disappeared when sales for Combinations were disappointing, were, surprisingly, not ready to let go. The DuPrees reluctantly went against their judgment, extended their contract, and, without taking a break, thrust themselves into the studio to begin work on their third record. The band worked on that record for about a year, during which they negotiated the terms of their new deal.

If you guys want to get off the label, I think you should. It was an absolute blow to the band's morale—and the final nail in the coffin for their relationship with the major-label system. So, after losing a year in contract negotiations, the band began the process of doing what they originally set out to do—leaving Warner Bros. The process would take them another year, right up until the fall of , when the band started publicly questioning their major-label ties, as they did in a interview with the Observer , and openly hoping for a new, independent label deal.

A few months later, the chops began to fall. In February , Eisley formally announced that they had split with Warner Bros. Then, just this month, the band revealed the details of the independent record label deal they had pined for, officially signing to the New York-based Equal Vision Records—an independent, sure, but still somewhat of an awkward fit.

It's cold in Colorado, where the year's first blanket of snow has just fallen. It's been five years since Jonathan Wilson left Eisley, and now he's living a simple life just outside Denver. He's between jobs right now, but he might take up work on a snow plow soon.

He's a simple, soft-spoken guy, who speaks slowly and chooses his words carefully. He remembers his time in Eisley with all the wisdom and humility of someone who's had years to replay it in his mind. It was very free, and there was not a lot of pressure. It was very joyful to play shows. Wilson was always the level-headed one in the band, but even he got caught up in the whirlwind when Warner Bros. Despite the excitement of having just signed a huge record deal, though, Wilson took note of the bad signs that he saw.

But management was pressuring. The worst investments of the band's resources? With the exception of the Coldplay tour, Eisley was placed on the road with bands whose music and fans were a poor match. It was an indication to me that business was not being handled by competent, sensible people. Within 20 months, the signing bonus was gone. And so was Wilson. The pressure was too much for him, but his reason for leaving had little to do with money or conflicts with the members of the band. It was the result, he says, of an "existential journey" that Wilson had taken. He had returned to his Messianic Jewish background—a Christian faith that carries on in the Jewish tradition—and he felt like the band was conflicting with the Biblical commandment to keep the Sabbath holy.

I always wanted to continue relationships with everyone in the band, but all of those relationships basically dwindled. Despite not having kept in touch with the remaining members of Eisley, Wilson still has high hopes for them. The cell phone static that exists between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Boise, Idaho, is overwhelming—so much so that it's almost pointless to carry on a conversation. In life, you need to sometimes slow down and watch the grass grow, otherwise, if you're moving too fast and not paying enough attention, you might just miss it.

A series of fics written for Porn Battle XV, ranging from true drabbles to quadruple drabbles. Anything longer will be posted individually to the collection - see the notes at the beginning of the piece to locate fics by title, fandom, prompts and specific kinks. She had always been good at this sort of thing.

Or Harry sees Ginny after the battle. After S.

Eisley Has The Battle Scars to Prove Their Coming of Age. | Dallas Observer

With HYDRA moving towards finishing their super soldiers with Garrett at the command, pushing forward to save the world might mean looking into the past. Philinda, team fic, with guest Avengers, picks up at 1. Clarke has always tried to keep her family and friends safe, especially after they landed on the ground. But with the threat of a new war looming, Clarke finds herself once again sacrificing herself for the sake of people, even if it means marrying the Commander of the twelve clans to secure an alliance.

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James scoffed as the thought made him frown again. And, most importantly, he had no need whatsoever to visit a massage parlour. Another snippet of the unlikely love story between Ondolemar and his personal pain-in-the-neck, an ever-cheerful Redguard that has managed to awaken his soft side.

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And it is precisely this soft side that does not let him rest, not allowing him to continue insulting and mistreating the bothersome human as a mer in his position technically should. Adrien and Marinette live in a world in which everyone possesses a Superpower called a Trait. These Traits can not only give people powers, but give them an abnormal appearance, or allow them to do incredible, inhumane things. As both of them train to become Heroes, they take up the masks of Ladybug and Chat Noir to fight crime as Vigilantes - An illegal crime in the world of Heroes.

New species and allies and enemies and powers always come into play with every day of their lives - and the Vigilante's Ladybug and Chat Noir have to figure out who they can trust to stop the Villains from achieving their goal! Invasion Arc - Hawkmoth has begun to put his plan into action, which involved a large number of Villains, an airship, and the CFD. Behind that mask, Gabriel Agreste plans out an attack in an effort to increase his own powers, but the question remains - What of his own child who attends this school?

Lance is doubting himself. He doesn't know who to turn to. He knows everyone else will sugarcoat the situation and he really wishes they wouldn't.