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While this works well for our family, it may not be the answer for you. It might be doing it rarely—like we do—or it might mean doing it more often but less expensively. From the time my husband and I met until the present, rain or shine, freezing or sweltering, this has always been our way of connecting. We also enjoy cooking special meals together, curling up with some tea and a DVD from the library, having potlucks with our friends, and playing board games or Rock Band.

We went to a ton of other festivals that summer, most of which were totally free. One of our favorite free activities now is going to open houses. We kept our dates frugal by doing a ton of cooking at home and having lots of outdoor adventures. Some of my most romantic memories were of him making omelettes for us with seasonal vegetables each morning. Or morel mushroom ravioli. Seven years into our relationship, and we still do a ton of cooking in as dates including grocery shopping together —this past weekend, I had dream about pasta puttanesca, and Jordan obliged by making it for me.

And we spent last night watching a movie and folding dumplings to freeze and eat throughout the week. We also still incorporate nature, and have added two dogs into the mix. We go for a lot of early morning walks, and often take them hiking or swimming though now we live in the south, and so no longer get to do things like snowshoeing, which makes me super sad! Our first date was hiking. We make friends with other local dancers, help out, and save money.

Babysitting is our most cost-prohibitive expense for dating right now. To save on babysitting, we use responsible teenagers I am a high school teacher, so I know a lot of responsible teens! Also, hiking and going for walks in general! When we first met, neither of us was making much money. We did a lot of frugal dates.

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Thinking of more: Geocaching is free at Minnesota state parks, so we would do that too to add some extra fun to our hikes. His school has lots of performances and offers free tickets to faculty, and no one minded that he got me in too. That was fun. Honestly, I look back on our early relationship and miss all the frugal fun we had. We have more money now but not much time due to having two little kids plus, the cost of babysitting is a lot! Where we live — many of the local bars have free live music and drink specials.

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Sometimes this was going to a sports game, sometimes it was the movies, a free local music festival, going hiking etc. The rest of the month we might eat out, or I would cook, but we kept things simple. I think the tickets were about five dollars apiece. Frequent local taquerias on our dinners out. You could get two tacos and a bottle of beer for about three bucks and unlimited chips and salsa.

Translation: Two tacos, a bowl of refried beans, and a beer, please. First date we met at a restaurant.. We did go to one movie for a date. My house was directly behind his place of employment. He would stop by on his way to and from work just to hang out. We never rarely went out on a date. We consider our date night.. We both are happy home bodies. Some of our best meals were either grabbed at the local grocery store and taken on a hike, or else prepared together at home, put into a picnic basket with blanket of course and taken to a nearby lake to watch the sunset.

We picnic so much that we received 3 3!

Get to Know Your Kids: How we make parent-child dates actually happen (Plus 260 kid-date Ideas)

I put on my dress and make-up and heels, and he usually will a button up and slacks, and prepare the table with a table cloth and candles. He has to close his eyes until I come out and am ready. So we are intentional about making our at home dates, actual dates. I have one very vivid memory of an at home date, where I had set-up our patio table outside and my husband had brought home flowers. So we ate under the stars with a flower bouquet, candles lighting the table, and a delicious salmon straight from the oven, with chocolate dipped fruit for dessert. Bonus points if you build a pillow fort.

One person reads out loud, so you both can enjoy the book together. We love shopping but we try to do it frugally. Much more fun and affordable than going to a mall, and I have a particular penchant for finding high-end or designer items for ridiculously cheap I used to buy and resell brand name clothes for extra income. We all spent time together every Sunday night. Regular every-day meals together were and still are really important to us — nothing fancy, just normal meals, prepared at home, eaten together as part of our daily routine. So simple and obvious, but so meaningful.

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters {by Michael Mitchell} | From Dates to Diapers™

These are all things we still do together as a married couple — now we just add doing house work and yard projects together to the list! That was my long answer. My short answer is this: we go for regular walks together hikes would be even better if we lived close to trails!! Walking together gives us the perfect chance to prepare for or unwind after our day, get a little exercise, and talk — about anything and everything!

Dating Divas is a great resource for free ideas. Our favorite one so far has been a DIY wine and paint night. We bought canvases and paint from a craft store, refreshments from Aldi, and found a painting tutorial on YouTube. Super fun and no one was around to judge our terrible art…win-win!

Free concerts, air shows, festivals. Summer is EASY. Winter on the other hand takes more effort. He was definitely using it as a free dating site despite that not being its purpose! We did a lot of picnics, going hiking, or going to the beach when we were dating. The legacy version means that every time you play, you impact the board permanently, effecting all future plays.

We both really look forward to these nights. Great way to have a special time after the kids go to bed. We also ask for gift cards for Christmas from family and give each other event tickets and gift cards.

Daddy Daughter Date Night Ideas

Many years ago we also did Croquet tournaments and Sunday brunch potlucks. Of course, friends brought their own toddler who helped move the balls and brought home a win for my friend Annie and me. We stumbled into this one, because the local restaurant with great music happens to have terrible food—talk about a waste of money! Us holding hands. Btw, Mr. FW made fun of me for taking this pic.

I made fun of myself too…. We rotate between wine and cheese plate nights or nights where we cook dinner together after the baby is in bed. We find lots of recipes together on youtube ahead of time to cook together. My second date with my guy, he took me skating.

It was super romantic, and since the ponds are frozen everywhere in the winter, it was free. That way you are still getting the ambiance of a nice romantic place, but not having the price tag of a full meal. I love all of these ideas! And so, it seems that an outdoor activity is a winner! Plus—and I hate to say this in a dating post—but, arguments over money are a leading cause of divorce in the United States.

Just throwing that out there.

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